Camp Reynolds, Quartermasters Warehouse and Parade Grounds

Jim Shepherd, the high bidder at the Angel Island Conservancy’s (AIC) 5th Annual Angel Lights Countdown Benefit “had an experience we will never forget“ 4th of July  weekend at Angel Island State Park’s (AISP) Civil War era Camp Reynolds. Jim was joined by guests; Aileen Howard, Tom & Martha Chiurco, Pat & Peggy Duggan.

It was a rare combination of staying overnight at the historic “Quarters 10″, a VIP tour with celebrity television personality Doug McConnell, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres  and a gourmet 8-course East Indian dinner prepared by AIC Board member and international designer, Sudha Pennathur with the assistance of her husband, Ed Messerly.  After dessert, guests were taken to a strategic spot on the island to watch fireworks exploding around the Bay. Following this spectacle, guests retired to the comfort of cozy beds for an overnight stay in “Quarters 10”, the beautifully restored Victorian style officer’s quarters at Camp Reynolds.

Guests Tom & Martha Chiruco related “A good life is made of happy memories and our stay on Angel Island will be with us forever.”  Aileen Howard shares, “I have been telling everyone about the most fantastic July 4th I have ever had. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”  Pat & Peggy Duggan chimed in with “best 4th of July ever!”

Special thanks to AISP Superintendent, Amy Brees, who greeted the group; AIC Board member and AISP Docent Linda Moore for her input during the tour; Pam Starr of Crocker & Starr wine for her informative talk and delicious wines; AIC Operations Manager, Jacquie Klose the master coordinator of the event; Joy Spicer, Corrine McDonald and Kathy Taft, who assisted Sudha with “kitchen and clean up detail.”

There are only three ways that you might be lucky enough to spend the night at AISP’s Quarters 10 . . . you are AISP staff or their visiting family, you earn the privilege by volunteering on the island, or you attend AIC’s 6th Annual Angel Lights Countdown Benefit where attendees will have the rare opportunity to bid on next year’s overnight experience. It’s not too late to mark your calendar!

Photos by Joy Spicer

The group arrives at the island.

Destination... Quarters 10 and Bake House - Camp Reynolds

Doug McConnell ... heading out to tour the island with the group.

Touring the Guardhouse Museum at Ft. McDowell with AIC Board Secretary and Docent, Linda Moore.

Immigration Station exhibit in the Guardhouse Museum, Ft. McDowell.

On the tour at the Guardhouse.

The island's "Band Leader" Uniform on display in the Guardhouse Museum.

AIC Board Secretary and Docent Linda Moore sharing Immigration Station history with the group.

Sudha Pennathur and Kathy Taft - Sudha Pennathur and Kathy Taft - busily cooking while the group is on tour.

Cocktail hour... the perfect start at the end of the day.

Cocktails on the porch of Quarters 10 - Camp Reynolds.

Sudha Pennathur, Aileen Howard, Peggy Duggan, and Martha Chiurco.

Sudha Pennathur and Peggy Duggan taking in a tale by Doug McConnell.

The group taking in a talk by wine maker Pam Starr of Crocker & Starr Winery.

Crocker & Starr, the wine of choice for the evening - courtesy of Pam Starr.

The group enjoying the evening on the porch of Quarters 10 - life doesn't get much better than this!

The event hostess, Sudha Pennathur, tending to guests.

Edward Messerly "acting" sommelier.

Sudha Pennathur seeing to the final details.

Joy Spicer "stoking" the warming stove.

More food... a feast beyond words!

A festive Fourth of July table.

Finishing touches on the table.

Alieen Howard finishing "Grace" before the meal.

Yum... berry pie.

Sudha Pennathur and Jim Shepherd

Martha Chiurco, Pat & Peggy Duggan, and Tom Chiurco enjoying the evening.

Jim Shepherd offering a toast.

Doug McConnell, Aileen Howard and Edward Messerly chatting.

Alieen Howard and Tom Chiurco - loving the fireworks!

Tom Chiurco and Pat Duggan having a laugh.

Alieen Howard, Peggy Duggan, and Martha Chiurco enjoying the fireworks.

A glow from the windows of the Bake House welcomes the group as they head back to Camp Reynolds after watching the fireworks.

Doug McConnell, Peggy Duggan, Jim Shepherd. and Edward Messerly - the final day.

And then, there was breakfast...

End of an adventure, heading out to make the boat home.

It's over too soon... bye for now.

With concern mounting over threats to the Bay Area from Confederate sympathizers and naval forces, the federal government established Camp Reynolds. The Officer’s Quarters 10, was first built and lived in on Yerba Buena Island, then later disassembled, barged over to Angel Island and reassembled, it was restored to its former glory by Dr. Robert Noyes and his wife Mary who spent months living in a tent on the grounds until they could stay in the quarters while they continued to lovingly restored it. Following are views of the upstairs rooms rarely seen by the public.

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