Pictured above - S3 team member Shannon Fiala, AIC Board member Lisa Klairmont, S3 members Krisitan Lau and Erin Koehler, AISP Superintendent Amy Brees, S3 members Frank Ma and Uday Tennety

February 5, 2012 was a memorable day for Angel Island Conservancy (AIC)’s S3 team from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business: Thanks to AIC Board member Lisa Klairmont and her husband, Harold, the S3 team got a 360 degree view and personal tour of Angel Island State Park on their power boat “Andiamo”.

Each fall ten nonprofits are selected to participate in Haas’ Social Sector Solutions (S3) Program, a 15-week strategy consultation during which a team of consultants works with the nonprofit on a mutually agreed-upon project. As part of this S3 project, our team, in partnership with McKinsey & Company, is tasked with determining the staffing and funding components necessary for AIC’s sustainable growth strategy. The tour of the island was intended to help the team members (Erin Koehler, Frank Ma, Kristian Lau, Shannon Fiala, and Uday Tennety) get a personalized in-depth view of the island, as well as its history and geography.

The day began with freshly brewed coffee at the San Francisco Yacht Club. Shortly, we were joined by AIC Board President Gail Dolton and her husband, Doug, and Park Superintendent, Amy Brees, and were off in our boat to Angel Island. We circled the island, and got a glimpse of the historical monuments and strategic locations of the important sites on the island. Once on Angel Island, we were able to see the operations of the island, and developed an understanding of the infrastructure needs. Amy gave us a detailed tour, narrating the entire history as well as explaining the significance of places and events.

What was eye-opening to the team was how close in proximity Angel Island is to San Francisco, and how it offers a quick get-away option from busy city life. We were amazed by the breathtaking views and the peacefulness of the island. The historical significance reinforced why it is critical to preserve, restore and enhance Angel Island State Park.

Thanks to Lisa, Harold, Gail, Doug, and Amy, the S3 team had a wonderful day, and is looking forward to working on this strategic project for AIC.