Angel Island Conservancy hosted a very special evening in honor of the current production of Homer’s “Odyssey” on the island. The event, held in partnership with We Players, a Bay Area-based participatory theater company and Angel Island State Park, began with a voyage from Tiburon to Angel Island’s Ayala Cove. From the cove, guests were transported to Civil War-era Camp Reynolds now transformed into the home of Aeolus, king of the Winds. The weather, which was ‘picture perfect,’ provided breathtaking views of the Bay while guests were serenaded and fed a god’s feast prepared on the Quartermaster Warehouse wood-burning stove by the inspired “local cuisine” chef Paul Plotkin.

As the sun set, guests made their way back to Tiburon in time to dream of myths, journeys and splendor! One guest, Robert Eves, has shared his experience with us.

(click on images to view larger version of photos)

We had the very best adventure last week, and I want to tell you about it…

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