Last month, Grace Contro, the lucky high bidder at AIC’s 2011 Angel Lights Benefit, and her guests were treated to an amazing kayaking adventure exploring Richardson Bay with Sea Trek.

The day started with a lesson in the physics of kayak management, then everyone headed into the water to explore the beauty of the surrounding shores of Sausalito.  Long time Sausalito resident and author, Mitch Powers, guided the tour and provided plenty of fun facts on the history of the area. Upon returning the group enjoyed a delicious gourmet lunch provided by Haig’s Delicaicies along with fine wines provided by AIC’s vintner donors and unparalleled views of the Sausalito shore with a view of Angel Island in the distance.

If this sounds like a special day you would like to share with friends and family, don’t miss the Conservancy’s 7th annual Angel Lights where you will have the rare opportunity to bid on special one-of-a-kind experiences, just like this one. This year’s event will be held on November 29th – mark your calendar!

Many thanks to our good friends at Sea Trek – Steve Hayward and Mitch Powers, who organized this special trip, Rita Takvorian, owner of Haig’s Delicacies, for providing the delicious gourmet lunch, and of course Grace Contro, our generous donor. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of these great supporters of Angel Island Conservancy and Angel Island State Park!