Angel Island Conservancy is proud to announce the completion of the Interpretation Master Plan (IMP), a comprehensive roadmap for developing new and improved educational programs, facilities, and recreational opportunities at Angel Island State Park (AISP) – the largest island in San Francisco Bay.

The IMP is the culmination of a two-year project by California State Parks, Angel Island Conservancy (AIC), and the input of various community constituents who participated in stakeholder workshops held during the planning process. The final product provides not only long-range general framework, but very specific projects to be implemented in the near future, including a new Visitor Orientation Hub in Ayala Cove.

“We are especially thrilled with the Action Plan portion of the IMP,” said Amy Brees, AISP Superintendent. “Through the implementation of the Action Plan projects, we will encourage visitors to explore the whole island, inspire them to make connections to the island, and promote renewed interest in Angel Island throughout the Bay Area and beyond.”

“Angel Island Conservancy is proud of the role it has played in the development and funding of the IMP,” said Gail Dolton, Board President of AIC. “Our goal is to create an awe-inspiring visitor experience on Angel Island State Park by bringing to life the cultural, historical and natural attributes of the island; the completion of the IMP is an enormous step in that direction.”

Already yielding dividends, the creation of the IMP was instrumental in AISP receiving $450,000 in Proposition 84 funds to finance an island-wide interpretive signage project scheduled for completion in time for the America’s Cup in 2013.

With the completion of the IMP and the support of AIC and the surrounding community, Angel Island State Park, one of the crown jewels of the California State Park system, is on a path to becoming one of the “must-see destinations” in the Bay Area.

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Angel Island State Park Mission of Interpretation – The mission of interpretation at Angel Island State Park is to provide high‐quality, enjoyable, and relevant interpretive programs and exhibits for the visitor, to enhance the quality of their recreational and educational experiences, and to increase their appreciation of the shared role of California State Parks and the visitors as stewards of these resources.

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Watercolor – Aerial view of Angel Island State Park

Interpretation Master Plan – Statewide Programs & Campaigns

Interpretation Master Plan – Stories, Sights, and Scenes