Angel Island Postcard Series

Angel Island Conservancy proudly announces our new Postcard Series with 14 striking designs by the talented photographer David G. Rigg, ex-Naval Photojournalist and Veteran. Early on in life David found his passion and talents for photographic documentation. David’s body of works include: Portraiture, Structural and Landscape Photography. He is a former California State Parks employee and two time Resident of Angel Island State Park. For the past several years David has travelled across the United States; volunteering his photographic services to many state and federal entities including California State Parks.

This striking series of postcards encompasses the natural beauty and historic locations of Angel Island State Park, including Ayala Cove, Camp Reynolds, Ft. McDowell, the Immigration Station, and the Nike site.  Your purchase helps us to keep the Angel Island experience one of the true treasures of the Bay Area.


$8 plus tax – shipping via USPS First Class Mail