Angel Island Conservancy has an active and qualified Board of Directors with diverse experience in law, financial services, nonprofit administration, and project management. All share an appreciation for Angel Island and a commitment to its preservation.

Board members are recruited on an ongoing basis for their expertise in pre-determined areas to provide for the strategic planning goals of the Conservancy. Board members volunteer their time for different reasons, sometimes altruism, sometimes personal, but always for a purpose…

Camp Reynolds, Officers Row, Quartermasters Warehouse and Parade Grounds - photo by Jacquie Klose

President: Greg Johnson – “I became re-acquainted with Angel Island State Park through my discovery of the recently published Interpretive Master Plan. I have always loved the history and story of Angel Island as well as the tranquility and natural beauty that sits “in my back yard.” I am deeply committed to help raise the awareness of Angel Island and to help strengthen this wonderful educational and recreational resource for years to come. ”


Treasurer: Rosemary Galloway – “Angel Island is a special destination. It is a wonderful place to hike and enjoy nature. Anyone who visits will be inspired by the natural beauty and fabulous views of San Francisco. It is a privilege to be part of an organization committed to preserving the Island and assuring that future generations will be able to enjoy the experiences available there.”


Secretary: Grace Salk – “Our connection to Angel Island deepens with every minute spent hiking, camping, biking, and watching the beautiful sunsets surrounded by break-taking panoramic views. The military and cultural history only deepens our appreciation and value of what’s readily accessible in our “own backyard.”

Camp Reynolds

Gail Dolton – “The more time I spend at Angel Island State Park, the more passionate I am about it – to me it is an extraordinary example of the simple natural beauty and the rich history of the Bay Area, both of which we are working hard to preserve.”

Docks at Ayala Cove - photo by Jacquie Klose

Lisa Klairmont – “For me Angel Island is a refuge. Close to home but far away from the hustle and bustle. An Island of tranquility in a sea of high speed motion. Angel Island is truly angelic. Blessed by the sun, surrounded by life giving water. Angel Island – there is no better place to experience the beauty and wonder of our great region.”

Immigrants arriving at Angel Island Immigration Station
Linda Moore – “Angel Island is all about stories and connections. The stories of the thousands and thousands of people who have come through the island mirror the stories of the development of our region. And each of us has the opportunity to find a connection to the island, sometimes in wholly unexpected ways. My goal is to help preserve the island and it’s history to honor those who came before us, allowing their stories to be told and connections made for generations to come.”

Immigration Station 

Paul “Skip” Spaulding – “Angel Island is a living embodiment of Bay Area history and a vibrant environmental resource. It is a terrific place to share with family and friends.”


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