Angel Island Conservancy is proud to support Angel Island State Park in numerous ways including:

Interpretation Master Plan

Angel Island Conservancy (AIC) is proud to have supported the development of an Interpretation Master Plan (IMP), a comprehensive roadmap for developing new and improved educational programs, facilities, and recreational opportunities at Angel Island State Park – one of the crown jewels of the California State Park system.

With the completion of the IMP and the support of AIC and the surrounding community, Angel Island State Park is on a path to becoming one of the “must-see destinations” in the Bay Area.

Angel Cam

Typically the Angel Cam shows essentially real-time views of Ayala Cove and was very popular, especially with boaters. We of course learned this when it stopped working.

Through a very generous grant however, we have been able to coordinate the purchase of not one, but two new cameras and are working through the logistics of installation and integration with our new website. We hope to have it up and running again by Spring.


We work closely with the park interpretive staff to design, develop and produce interpretive products which highlight the natural beauty and historical significance of the island. Some of these are found around the island to enhance our visitor experience. For instance we assisted in obtaining a grant which paid for new wayfinding panels throughout the park.

Other items are more tangible, and can be purchased at the Welcome Center, giving our guests the chance to take home a memory of the park. All proceeds from these sales support the park directly.


AIC awards scholarships for field trips to Angel Island to schools that qualify as Title 1 schools with a high number of low-income families. We cover costs for bus and ferry transportation, State Park fees and tours on Angel Island (United States Immigration Station Tour, Environmental Living Program Overnight at Camp Reynolds, West Garrison or Ayala Cove Explorers Tour).

A trip for one class usually costs about $1500. In 2016, we granted scholarships to about 850 students with chaperones.

But the need is great, and we had to turn down several worthy schools. This is why our fundraising efforts are so important.

Environmental Efforts

As part of the ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay, Angel Island State Park is vulnerable to typical, and non-typical hazards that the park budget cannot always flex to meet.

In the past, AIC has provided funding for oil spill remediation equipment, wildfire restoration and protection efforts.

Our Community. Our Island. Our Legacy.

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