We could not support the park without generous support from numerous businesses and individuals who love the island as much as we do.  We thank them to the top of Mt Livermore and back!  If you, or your company are interested in learning more about how to support Angel Island State Park, visit the join+give page to learn how!

Angel Island State Park

Angel Island Conservancy is a Cooperating Association with Angel Island State Park. This means we have a contractual relationship with the park, and are able to raise funds on their behalf and coordinate additional support that they don't have the time or resources to do.

More than that, the park staff have become family. And more often than not, we roll up our sleeves together to accomplish wonderful things on the island.

We rely heavily on park staff for their knowledge and expertise in the development of materials for visitors, and in providing special experiences for members and guests.

In-kind donors and supporters

Alcatraz Cruise Lines
The Angel Island Company
Angel Island Tiburon Ferry
Blue and Gold Ferry
The Lodge at Tiburon

Institutional sponsors
Financial sponsors

The California State Parks Foundation
The Fred Gellert Family Foundation
Wells Fargo


William Couch

Our Community. Our Island. Our Legacy.

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