How do we facilitate the bond and the love that will inspire ongoing stewardship for Angel Island?

We believe that learning opportunities extend far beyond the classroom, but many schools find it more and more difficult to bring students to museums, historical sites, and cultural organizations. And it’s even more challenging when your destination is an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Our field trip grants help give children these unique, firsthand learning experiences.


How do we help kids connect with the past? Students can see, touch, taste, smell, hear, LIVE history on Angel Island.

Angel Island State Park offers an overnight Living History Program (LHP) for primarily fourth and fifth grade classes. Each class is limited to 44 people of which no more than 11 can be adults (including the teacher). The LHP program offers 2 classes per week: about 70 classes per year, running from mid-September to early June. 

When the class arrives at the island, all participants become soldiers in the U.S. Army in the year 1864. They march to Camp Reynolds carrying their personal gear on their backs. Bunks are then assigned in the Quartermaster Building for the night. During the day these new recruits receive training in militia drill, compass orienteering, mess cooking, bread baking, and flag signaling. In the evening a reconnaissance hike is made to Mt Livermore.  Later that night, each squad is assigned a security watch period and must maintain a journal of their experiences. The next morning, park staff returns and utilizes a group of “soldiers” to help fire a twelve-pound mountain howitzer cannon.


For those interested in this program, applications are sent out in late February or early March for the following school year.

(For example, applications for the 2016- 2017 year will go out in February/ March of 2016.)

If you would like to be on the list to receive an application, call the program coordinator at (415) 435-3161, or email them at

If you would like to support the Living History Program, visit our join+give page!


To date, because of generous donations from individuals and Corporate grants, AIC has awarded “scholarships” to over 2,000 students and their 360 chaperones.


Angel Island Conservancy (AIC) seeks to engage, educate, and inspire the next generation of youth through its Student Service-Learning Scholarship Program.

This program enables disadvantaged youth from qualifying low-income Title I schools to visit Angel Island State Park for educational and recreational purposes, as well as to participate in volunteer service opportunities in which they help to restore and maintain this unique environment.


The desired outcome of this program is to develop an awareness, appreciation, and a connection to nature and history, and to provide a hands-on experience contributing to restoring and maintaining, and hopefully sparking a desire to continue caring for one of the Bay Area’s most treasured resources.

The Scholarship Programs are run by Angel Island State Park Interpreters and include the following choices:

- Tour of the United States Immigration Station
- Camp Reynolds Guided Tour
- Fort McDowell Guided Tour
- Explorer’s Tour in Ayala Cove


Please contact the Angel Island State Park Tour Coordinator

(415) 435-5537 or email them at


Volunteer groups play an increasingly important role in enhancing, maintaining and restoring our California State Parks. The Angel Island State Park Service Camp program offers a one-of-a-kind experience caring for the Island’s environment while preserving its history. This experience has a profound effect on groups interested in conservation and connections to the past.


Available for groups performing service projects on the island.

– The Service Campsite can only be reserved through the Angel Island State Park Service Camp Coordinator.

To be considered for participation, please contact:

Angel Island State Park Service Camp Coordinator

(415) 435-5390 or

**This campsite is very popular, so advance reservations are recommended!

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