Angel Island Conservancy works in partnership with Angel Island State Park to raise funds and develop programs for a local treasure that has something for everyone.

We do this with our community for our community.

Whether we’re offering a Scholarship Program funding visits for underserved students or implementing an Interpretation Master Plan, we want to work with you to elevate Angel Island to a Bay Area must-see destination.

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The Interpretation Master Plan

Angel Island Conservancy (AIC) is proud to announce the completion of the Interpretation Master Plan (IMP), a comprehensive roadmap for developing new and improved educational programs, facilities, and recreational opportunities at Angel Island State Park – one of the crown jewels of the California State Park system.


The IMP is the culmination of a two-year project by California State Parks, the Conservancy, and the input of various community constituents who participated in stakeholder workshops held during the planning process. The final product provides not only long-range general framework, but very specific projects to be implemented in the near future, including a new Visitor Orientation Hub in Ayala Cove.

With the completion of the IMP and the support of AIC and the surrounding community, Angel Island State Park is on a path to becoming one of the “must-see destinations” in the Bay Area.

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More About AIC

Each year millions of people visit America’s State Parks. At many of these parks, non-profit partner organizations, known as Cooperating Associations, enhance your visit through funding to support educational and interpretive programs, and developing publications.  Angel Island Conservancy (AIC) is the Cooperating Association supporting Angel Island State Park (AISP).

Established in 1975, AIC’s primary mission is to facilitate the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historical and natural resources on Angel Island, with the goal of enhancing the visitors’ experiences and building a community to support AISP.

AIC has an active Board of Directors comprised of caring community members, local business professionals and long-time volunteers. All share a deep appreciation for Angel Island and a commitment to its preservation and revitalization.

AIC is Proud of its Accomplishments

  • AIC provides this website and the AngelCam.
  • Located at the ferry dock in Ayala Cove , the AIC Information Station carries a wide variety of merchandise, all of which highlight the natural beauty and historical significance of the island.
  • AIC provides Student Service-Learning Scholarship Program enabling students from low income areas to visit and attend educational programs at Angel Island State Park.
  • AIC produced a Video highlighting the natural, historical and cultural significance of the island.
  • AIC provided funding for oil spill remediation equipment and wildfire restoration and protection efforts.
  • In partnership with AISP, AIC has completed the process of developing an Interpretation Master Plan, the first step in a process that will result in significant enhancements in the visitor experience, in Ayala Cove and beyond.


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